Heavy Rain Hype: Mind-blowing Performances in G-DRAGON M.O.T.T.E KL Concert + Dara Collaboration Stage!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Despite the heavy rain, more than 10,000 V.I.Ps swarmed to Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur last Sunday (17 September) just for G-DRAGON 'ACT III: M.O.T.T.E (Moment of Truth The End) World Tour.

30-year-old (Korea age) G-DRAGON performed the classic hits across his solo albums; from 'Heartbreaker' to 'Untitled, 2014'. He took us past the facade and getting a closer and more personal look at Kwon Ji Yong (GD's real name) throughout the concert.

The night began with a throwback to G-DRAGON's solo debut hits - 'Heartbreaker', 'Breathe', and 'A Boy'. Fans waving the crown lightstick while singing and dancing along to the hits including 'Michigo', ''One of the Kind' and 'That XX'.

The concert added the rock atmosphere thanks to the live band playing alongside G-DRAGON. 
The audience's cheers grew louder when the former 2NE1 member, Sandara Park (DARA) came on stage with the checkered-red dress. (ps: Her dress perfectly matched G-DRAGON's wine-red outfit) Together, they performed 'Missing You' and 'Hello'. It's been 3 years, since DARA last visit to Malaysia, she expressed how much she missed Malaysian fans and also gratefully thanked G-DRAGON for having her on that day. (ps: GD shouted 'Don't leave me alone!' when DARA leaving the stage~)
The concert atmosphere emotionally changed when a video sequence interviewing G-DRAGON's close friends (CL, Dara, Se7en, PSY and fellow members' DAESUNG & TAEYANG) and family members were screened. They shared their thoughts on G-DRAGON and what kind of person G-DRAGON/ Kwon Ji Yong was. When being asked how's G-DRAGON as a son, his father said: "He is the best in the world". 
After 'Bullshit' performance, the rain was getting heavier and heavier, G-DRAGON worried about the fans who were watching his performance under the pouring rain and so he said: "Are you all alright?". During that moment, V.I.Ps in Malaysia then lifted up the hand banners under the rain which written - 'Ji Yong, although you're 30 years-old, but you're still cute'. G-DRAGON expressed his happiness and said: "Is really beautiful, thank you, I really like it." He continued: "Today marks my remaining 10th shows of the world tour, after today, there're only 9th shows left.

To our surprise, G-DRAGON spoke in fluent English all night adding a personal touch to the concert. (ps: he even apologized when he spoke in Korean language ㅋㅋㅋㅋ) Before he wrapped the concert, DARA was invited on-stage once again to perform 'Crooked' with him. Lastly, he ended the night with his new album title track 'Untitled, 2014' where he jumped off the stage to meet the fans up close. 
With his military service looming, it may be quite some time for him to return back to Malaysia. After all, he gave us his word - 'Me and my boys, BIGBANG are planning for a new project for our fans, we promise. I'll come back to Malaysia if you want me to!'  Last Sunday marked G-DRAGON final outdoor concert of his tour. 

1. Heartbreaker"
2. Breathe"
3. A Boy"
4. But I Love You"
5. Obsession"
6. MichiGO"
7. One of a Kind"
8. R.O.D"
9. That XX"
10. Black
11. Missing You (feat. DARA)
12. Hello (feat. DARA)
13. Who You
14. Today
15. Crayon (Remix)
16. Super Star
17. Middle Fingers Up
18. Bullshit
19. Divina Commedia

20. Crooked (feat. DARA)
21. "Untitled, 2014"

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