Process of Study Korean Language Program in South Korea

Saturday, May 13, 2017

South Korea is always our dream country for travel, study, concert, and most importantly to experience the K-culture. To experience all these K-journey, a language program would be the great choice to explore your dreamland.

There are many universities in Korea that offer Korean language program, so don't stress out when selecting it. We have short-listed a few universities with the fees, check them out:
- Ewha Womens University (Intensive Program - 1,650,000 KRW/Term)
- Hongik University (1,450,000 KRW/Term)
- Hankuk University (Regular Course - 1,480,000 KRW/Term)
- Korea University (Regular Morning Program - 1,630,000 KRW/Term)
- Kyung Hee University (Regular Course - 1,700,000 KRW/Term)
- Sogang University (Korean for General Purpose 200 hours - 1,680,000 KRW/Term)
- Seoul National University (Regular Morning Program - 1,650,000 KRW/Term)
- Yonsei University (Regular Morning Program - 1,730,000 KRW/Term)

*Do note that the fees subject to change in each term, kindly consistently check the official website 
*Do note that there are more Korea universities out there that offer Korean language program. 

After selecting the university, then you'll need to apply for admission. The admission criteria and application process vary depending on your university selection.  Normally, you'll need to complete registration online then email all the documents needed to the PIC of your selected university. (*please ask the person-in-charge of the university for more details)

Next, you'll need to apply for a student visa. Those who applied for a short-term basis (3-months), a visa is not needed as Malaysians are given a 90-days entry permit to enter Korea without a visa. So be sure to plan your studies ahead and return to our homeland on time! For those who applied for a long-term (more than 3-months), a student visa is needed. If you enrolled in the language program, you'll need to apply for a D-4 visa. You can obtain the visa in 3 working days after your application submission. 

After all the hectic, you're ready to go! 
A summary of the admission process:
Online registration -> Submit required documents -> Receive admission email -> Complete the payment -> Receive the letter of admission -> Apply for Visa -> Obtain Visa -> Enter Korea -> Take Placement Test/ Attend Orientation -> Start Course -> Apply for Alien Registration Card in Korea -> Enjoy your study

No matter a short or long-term, the people you met and the experience you gained are more than worth. Hope all the information help you in applying your fun study trip in Korea :) We'll have next post soon about how to apply for Korea student visa in Malaysia :)  

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