Byeon Woo-seok was touched to tears at his first fanmeet in Singapore, "Summer Letter"

Friday, July 05, 2024

Sun-jae ah!” 

If you’ve watched the hit K-drama ‘Lovely Runner’, you’d recall this line in a heartbeat.

32-year-old actor Byeon Woo-seok was in town on Sunday 30 June for his first ever fan meet, <Summer Letter>. Affectionately known as Ryu Sun-jae from his latest drama ‘Lovely Runner’, the whooping 1.9m tall star was also spotted at Marina Bay Sands the day before.

Following a press conference on the rainy Sunday morning, Byeon Woo-seok kickstarted his sold-out show that evening at Singapore Expo Hall 3A. 

Greeting his fans with an upbeat OST “Loveholic”, the actor finally spoke to his enthusiastic fans:

This is my first time in Singapore and I’m here for all of you. Yesterday I had an opportunity to have a little outing, and the place is so beautiful. Recently, I’ve been busy with the fanmeet and attending the fashion week in Milan.

The first segment was titled ‘All The Times of Sun-jae’. Before it began, Woo-seok even invited the host to take a seat, displaying his gentlemanly demeanour. 

A couple of viral scenes from ‘Lovely Runner’ were played onscreen, where lucky fans were picked via a lucky draw to re-enact the scenes with none other than the male lead himself. 

Wondering if they could get any luckier? Woo-seok even took selfies with the chosen Tongtongs (a dedicated term for his fans) with his very own phone!

Host: “I heard you love fruits. Any favourite fruit juice this trip?

Woo-seok: “I like watermelon, and had watermelon juice just now…” 

The self-professed watermelon lover reminded fans of his cute moment where he was caught taking photos with watermelons in Taiwan.

Out of the blue, a sweet fan made video started playing on the screen, which made the actor-model emotional and burst into tears.

I absolutely had no idea that you’ll prepare this surprise at this timing. I can’t hold back my tears… thank you so much. I’m already getting so much positive energy from you.

The fanmeet transitioned into its second segment, which was a telepathy game with fans with the star picking his choice, and fans can see if they picked the same as their idol.

Woo-seok’s selections are highlighted in green:

Q: What if you had to give up one of the two during your trip to Singapore?

A: Can’t take pictures at the Infinity Pool @ MBS Hotel / Not able to eat Singapore’s signature dish, chilli crab

Q: What if you win the lottery with different odds?

A: 100% chance of receiving 5 million won / 10% chance of receiving 10 billion won

Q: As an actor, which power would you prefer to have?

A: The power to not feel tired even without sleep / The power to memorise scripts perfectly after reading them once - he wants to have both!

Did you pick the same choices as him?

After carrying out a 60-second mission relay, Woo-seok proceeded to let Tongtongs know him better by answering a series of questions:

Q: If you had the chance to have ‘one day with Tongtong’, what activities would you do?

A: I’ll take her for lunch where we’ll have Korean rice cake, a date at the Universal Studios, and our dinner would be chilli crab. 

Q: Is there an actor, film or TV series that has inspired you the most?

A: I personally love the film “The Notebook”. I found my love for melodrama through this movie. 

Q: Imagine you’re making a time capsule, what three items would you put inside?

A: Ready-to-eat rice cake, watermelon seeds, bank book with half the 10 billion won 

Woo-seok rounded up his fanmeet by singing ‘I Think I Did’ and ‘Sonagi’, where fans even raised up fan made yellow umbrellas for the latter.

It was such a wonderful time – I hope that when you look back on tonight, you’d want to relive it again. Thank you so much for being here and spending this wonderful moment with me,” the actor expressed his gratitude to Tongtongs.

From personally giving flowers to the media and providing elaborate answers to questions during the press conference, Byeon Woo-seok showcased his humility as someone who got his big break. Also known for starring in popular dramas 'Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency' and 'Strong Girl Nam-Soon', the actor is the epitome of “effort never betrays”. The star is finally basking in his well-deserved shot to stardom after 8 years of debut!

We’d like to thank Three Angles Production for the invitation.

Article by: Joreen

Photos: Byeon Woo-seok Official Instagram @byeonwooseok

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