Xdinary Heroes prove that they are more than ‘good enough’ for Villains at Singapore concert

Monday, March 18, 2024

There are no heroes without villains— The JYP Entertainment boy band, Xdinary Heroes were in town last Sunday! The band held their first concert in Singapore on 17 March 2024 at the Esplanade for their <Break The Brake> World Tour.

The venue was filled with Villains (affectionate name for their fans) with their hand-crafted fanboards, showing their pure adoration for their idols.

Xdinary Heroes started the concert with a bang with ‘Freddy’, ‘Come Into My Head’ and ‘Knock Down’, captivating Villains with their high tension and energy since the beginning of the show. The talented band continued to perform non-stop, to ‘checkmate’, ‘Test Me’, ‘Hair Cut’, ‘Enemy’, ‘Man in the Box’ and ‘Ghost’.

Upon noticing Villains’ handmade fanboards and well-thought-out outfits, O.de and Jungsu shared that they felt Villains in Singapore were not only pretty but also had pretty hearts. Villains’ hearts melted at the members’ comment, evident from their roaring cheers. 
The concert was a spectacular showcase of the band’s wholeheartedness, strong passion and enthusiasm to perform on stage for their lovely fans. Their impressive discography is not a secret to any Xdinary Heroes listener! 

But the band certainly could not believe their eyes and ears— the concert became a sing-a-long session with Villains (already on their feet) as they chorused perfectly with the band for every single song, proving their true spirit of a dedicated fan. 
The bassist and main vocalist, Juyeon, praised Villains for their superb singing and even initiated for them to sing again!
The band also continued to perform their own renditions of label seniors’ Stray Kids Hellevator and DAY6’s Shoot Me.

Xdinary Heroes, as well as Villains, went on and on with their unlimited energy, jumping at their seats to ‘Bad Chemical’, ‘Freakin’ Bad’, ‘Sucker Punch!’ and ‘Strawberry Cake’

Nothing gold will stay. The concert was coming to an end and after a splendid performance of ‘PLUTO’, the band was surprised with a fanproject and video, prepared by the sweet Villains. Through the video, Villains expressed their gratitude towards the band for their great music, promising to always be with them throughout their journey. 

The six boys were visibly touched by the video prepared by their fans and gave their ending comments to close off the magical night.

O.de: I made so much great memories in Singapore. I feel so happy to be on stage. It could be (because of) the staff who helped us, or our parents who support us, or the members that are always with us. But the biggest reason (for my happiness) are our Villains! I want to show you guys our best selves. I love you!
Juyeon: Firstly, I feel so touched from the fan-video, thank you Singapore Villains! There were several comments that touched my heart— “there is no villain without heroes”. But I also think there will be no heroes if there were no villains. Let’s be Heroes and Villains forever! The reason why we’re living everyday is because of you guys. Fighting and I love you! 
Gunil: Nice to meet you guys. We have come to Singapore for the first time and you guys gave us a memory that we can never forget. We prepared a lot for this concert and I can tell that you guys also prepared so much for this concert, seeing how you guys prepared those posters and fanboards. I love your guys really! (In English) It’s been a while since I spoke English. Today’s stage was possible because of you guys. 
Junhan: Thank you! If Villains had fun tonight, there’s nothing else we expect. We had so much great memories, we ate chili crab and there’s one thing that really surprised me! There is a vending machine for orange juice and we don’t have that in Korea. I had so much fun in Singapore and next time when we come to Singapore again, I hope to give you an amazing time once again. Let’s be healthy and meet us again next time. See you again soon, thank you!
Gaon: Yesterday, I had so much fun in Singapore, I woke up today feeling very tired today.  I thought it was gonna affect my energy but once we started Freddy, and I felt the difference— today is THE DAY. It’s been a while since I got crazy on the stage and it shows that you guys did so well tonight. 아 좋다! (Feels good!)
Jungsu: Are you guys hurting your throats? You will hurt your throats (from screaming). This is the first time that we filled up until the 3rd floor. I feel so proud about today’s concert. I will express today with one word 아 좋다!! Today is such a happy concert!
There are no Villains without Heroes, the concert will undeniably be a core memory to both Villains and Xdinary Heroes.

We would like to extend our gratitude to CK Star Entertainment for the media invite.

Photo credits: CK Star Entertainment

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