STAYC wish to meet SWITHs ASAP in Singapore concert

Sunday, February 18, 2024

STAYC girls, it’s going down! That’s right, the magical concert in Singapore will go down in history and will always be memorable to SWITHs!

The concert hall was filled up with SWITHs donning their dreamy blue outfits— as per the official dress code, with handmade fan boards in their hands, showing their sincere dedication for their idols. 

STAYC made their grand appearance on stage at The Star Theatre on 16 February, with their debut song, SO BAD, commencing the Singapore concert for their 1st World Tour [TEENFRESH].

Waves of excitement swept through the audience as they cheered for the entrance of the members— Sumin, Sieun, ISA, Seeun, Yoon, and J, on stage. 

Visuals accompanied with talents, the girls showcased their TeenFresh charms, performing a total of 21 songs.

Throughout the concert, the girls expressed their excitement about coming to our sunny island, their strong interest in trying our local delicacies such as chili crab and kaya toast, as well as to visit USS and Marina Bay.

Singapore SWITHs impressed the leader, Sumin, as they sang along to a b-side track, LIKE THIS, from their debut album, proving their support for STAYC from the very beginning.

SWITHs were also in for a treat when the girl group prepared a special performance.  To tease the special stage, ISA said that she personally likes this song and listens to it a lot— it was none other than It’s You by Sezairi, a local artiste. 

The concert was a dazzling showcase of STAYC’s bubbly charms and enjoyable discography. From the hit tracks Teddy Bear and Poppy to hidden gems Flexing on My Ex and SLOW DOWN, STAYC slayed with their luxurious vocals and gorgeous visuals.

Another exceptional facet of the show was undeniably STAYC’s affectionate and heartfelt interactions with the SWITHs! 

Closing the concert, every member took turns to make their closing comments. Overall, STAYC expressed their gratitude to SWITHs for coming down to the concert and for leaving beautiful memories for their first time in Singapore.

STAYC promised to come back to Singapore to meet SWITHs ASAP.

Photo Credits: CK Star Entertainment

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