Jang Han-Byul Shows Off His Malay Language Skills in iQIYI 'Lecturerku, Oppa'

Thursday, March 09, 2023

Say ‘annyeong’ to the latest local romantic comedy drama with a Korean twist as Lecturerku, Oppa! sets to premier in Malaysia tonight, 3 March 2023, brought to you exclusively by the leading Asian content streaming platform, iQIYI. K-drama fans will be treated to all the shenanigans of a typical K-drama romance, with a handsome oppa falling for a local Malay girl.

Lecturerku, Oppa! is an iQIYI Exclusive drama that depicts a sweet love story between a student who finds herself slowly falling for the new Korean lecturer at her university, who has a crush on her and pursues her. The series depicts the dynamics of lecturer-student relationships, along with its challenges and societal acceptance. The drama brings a fresh feel to a Malay romantic comedy drama, injecting elements of K-drama tropes – the cute apologetic female lead, the jealous rival and love triangle, with an awkward library scene to boot – that will have Malaysians swooning and laughing, with a fair share of tear-jerking moments thrown in the mix.
Although a rom-com in essence, Lecturerku, Oppa! also tackles challenges that might seem familiar to some Malaysians; intercultural and interfaith relationships. Sara is a Malay girl born and raised in Malaysia. Jung-Hyun is a Korean lecturer from South Korea who moves to Malaysia and speaks Bahasa Melayu. As the two interact throughout the series, they begin to learn more about each other and the cultures they come from, with Jung-Hyun even openly embracing Islam and Malay culture.

Familiar faces and notable stars headline the series, with the likes of popular Malaysian actress and internet personality Sweet Qismina – known to her fans as Sweet Qis– and Jang Han-Byul in the leading roles. Fans of Han-Byul might remember him as the winner from Astro Ria’s Big Stage Season 2, making him the first ever foreigner to win the show. Other names in the series are notable Malaysian internet stars such as the popular singer and actor Naim Daniel, Farisha Iris, and Atiq Azman who play Sara’s best friends. 

Lecturerku, Oppa! tells the story of Hwang Jung-Hyun, a new Korean lecturer of a university in Malaysia. Despite his good looks and being admired by many students and a fellow lecturer at the campus, he only has eyes for Sara who is a final year student in his class. Sara was not interested in Jung-Hyun, however, she found herself slowly falling for Jung-Hyun after being touched by his sincerity and caringness. 

Will Sara and Jung-Hyun’s love survive the challenge of different dynamics, clashing cultures and the acceptance of their families? 

Don’t miss the heartwarming and hilarious antics as the characters take you on a journey of love and laughter. iQIYI Exclusive Lecturerku, Oppa! will premiere on 3 March 2023 exclusively on the iQIYI app and iQIYI International with 2 new episodes airing every Friday and Saturday at 9PM.

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