Get Your Body moving as 1MILLION DANCE Launches Spotify Account

Friday, October 07, 2022

  • 1MILLION Dance Studio, a global leader in the dance scene, opens its official Spotify account 
  •  Various playlists are revealed, including 1MILLION’s brand playlist ‘1MILLION!’ and individual playlists curated by five of its choreographers
On the world’s most popular audio subscription service Spotify, listeners are now able to meet the official brand playlist of South Korea’s world-renowned 1MILLION Dance Studio and a variety of playlists directly curated by 1MILLION’s key dancers. 

Established in 2014, 1MILLION has been leading the global dance culture by operating offline dance studios and its own social channels including YouTube and Instagram. 1MILLION has launched its official Spotify account to connect with fans in a deeper way. Also, in celebration of the launch of its Spotify account, the famed studio has created its brand playlist and various themed playlists with songs that are hand-picked by some of its most popular dancers. 

First, 1MILLION’s brand playlist 1MILLION! presents fan-favorite tracks that are featured in the top dance videos uploaded on its YouTube channel which currently has over 25M followers, and songs that have inspired its choreographies. Through the playlist, Spotify listeners can check out 1MILLION’s music selections at a glance and discover some of the trendiest tracks in the dance scene. 

1MILLION has also unveiled five additional playlists which have been each curated by choreographers YOOJUNG LEE, BALE, WOONHA, KOOJAEMO, and K CHAN based on their music tastes. The details about the choreographers and their playlists are as follows:

1. YOOJUNG LEE - Mystery Party 
YOOJUNG LEE, who found her interest in dance at age 16, broadened her spectrum of dancing by experiencing a variety of dance genres at an art school and eventually joined 1MILLION in 2015 as a choreographer and instructor. With her ‘Mystery Party’ playlist, YOOJUNG shares her favorite daily warm-up songs including tracks from BIBI and Shawn Mendes.
2. BALE - Relax, Warm-Up 
 Working as a choreographer and instructor at 1MILLION since 2020, BALE gained recognition in the industry with his win at one of Asia’s most prestigious dance competitions, ‘Feedback Competition’. Before class or practice, BALE likes to listen to his playlist ‘Relax, Warm-Up’ which features 24 tracks including hits from Khalid and Daniel Caesar. 

3. WOONHA - Low Wave 
Known for her dark and gothic style of choreography, WOONHA began dancing at age 19 when she joined her high school dance club. She later passed an audition to perform with 1MILLION, which led to her officially becoming a choreographer and instructor at 1MILLION in 2019. With selections from Mura Masa and FKA twigs, WOONHA’s ‘Low Wave’ playlist is equally suited for relaxing before or after dance class. 

4. KOOJAEMO - All That Hip 
Acknowledged as one of the rising street dancers in South Korea, KOOJAEMO appeared in countless music videos such as Solar’s “HONEY”, NCT U’s “Maniac”, and AleXa’s “Xtra” as well as shows including tvN’s and MBC’s . He has selected 27 tracks that can pump you up before dance class, which can be found in his playlist ‘All That Hip’. 

5. K CHAN - Feel Groovy 
1MILLION’s choreographer and instructor K CHAN participated in SUNYE’s “Just A Dancer” music video and appeared in Korea Tourism Organization’s famous “Feel the Rhythm of Korea: SEOUL” ad, which has gained over 48M views to date. Including songs of Burna Boy and Omah Lay, K CHAN’s ‘Feel Groovy’ playlist features chill, groovy songs to help cool down after dance class. 

1MILLION’s brand playlist 1MILLION! and the five dancers’ individual playlists can all be found on 1MILLION’s official Spotify account

“We’re thrilled to meet Spotify listeners worldwide and get closer to music fans with interest in dance through our official Spotify account,” said a 1MILLION spokesperson. “We hope listeners enjoy 1MILLION’s unique color and tastes through our playlists.” 

Meanwhile, 1MILLION is aiming to break down barriers around dance and create a dance culture that is accessible to all, while inspiring millions of people to keep exploring their creative potential, in line with the company’s mission statement; “We don’t need a stage to dance”. Moreover, 1MILLION has continued to challenge the status quo of the choreographers by expanding dance into fashion and mainstream media.

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