Seol-hyun in Tears When Acting Alongside Lee Kwang-Soo in 'The Killer's Shopping List'

Monday, June 13, 2022

What happen during the filming of 'The Killer's Shopping List'? 
Lee Kwang-soo is known for his sense of humour and hilarious antics. Paired with Seol-Hyun who has a bright personality and is unable to hold back when she laughs, the 27-year-old actress was literally in tears during the filming of comedy investigation drama The Killer’s Shopping List. 

“Filming The Killer’s Shopping List was so much fun, I had tears in my eyes thanks to Kwang-soo. It’s difficult for me to hold back when I laugh and there were so many times during filming that I kept laughing, I tried to distract myself from him and pretended that I wasn’t trapped by his non-stop humour! Maybe Kwang-soo thinks it’s unfair to him, but to me, he was literally Dae-sung in real life!” said Seol-hyun. 
Seol-hyun also mentioned that there were many funny events that happened on set during the filming and recalled an incident where Jin Hee-kyung threw a ballpoint pen that accidentally went into Lee Kwang-soo’s nostrils. 

Both Lee Kwang-soo and Seol-hyun had already met several times on a variety show and were already close friends prior to filming The Killer’s Shopping List. Hence, they found it easy and comfortable working together to bring out their characters Ahn Dae-sung and Do Ah-Hee. 
“When I first met Kwang-soo on variety shows, I thought he was a fun senior that was comfortable to be around. However, through filming the drama, I found that he’s also a sensible good actor and a reliable senior with a lot of will. Our chemistry score is 100 out of 10!” Seol-hyun added. 

The Killer’s Shopping List centres around Dae-sung who is working at his mother’s supermarket. One day, a dead body is found at an apartment near the supermarket. Dae-sung’s girlfriend Ah-hee investigates the case and is soon joined by Dae-sung and his mother Myung-sook. The only clue they have is a receipt issued from the supermarket. 

You can now watch all episodes of The Killer’s Shopping List on iQIYI.

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