Catch The Finale of 'Shooting Stars' on iQIYI This Weekend!

Thursday, June 09, 2022

With Shooting Stars’ final two episodes scheduled to air this weekend, the Korean drama has been making waves all around the world as it showcases the superb chemistry among the cast, especially the leads Lee Sung-kyung and Kim Young-dae. 
Set in the Korean entertainment industry, Lee Sung-Kyung stated that the script was almost 95% true in portraying the reality of the industry. In fact, she chose to star in Shooting Stars because of the detailed script.

"After receiving the script for Shooting Stars, I read the whole thing at one go. The parts that really attracted me were the attention to detail, the realistic portrayal of a management company and the interesting incidents that occur behind-the-scenes" - Lee Sung-Kyung
Kim Young-dae also expressed:

“What I liked about the script was the opportunity presented to me, to go into detail of the industry that I work in, especially what goes on behind the scenes, and portray it to viewers.” 

As an actor playing an actor, Kim Young-dae mentioned that through the filming process, he found himself reevaluating many elements of being an actor that he had taken for granted previously.
While Shooting Stars is a light romantic comedy, it also explores some darker themes that depict the reality of the South Korean entertainment industry, including sasaeng fans (obsessive fan who stalks the arists), anti-fans, artists silently dealing with mental health and romance scandals. 
Starring Lee Sung-kyung and Kim Young-dae, Shooting Stars is set within the entertainment industry. It follows Oh Han-byul, the PR team leader of a management company who is excellent at her job and Gong Tae-sung, the top actor of the company where Oh Han-byul works. He is loved by people due to his image of a kind and polite person but he has a different side - a strong desire to win and a hot temper. Both Oh Han-byul and Gong Tae-sung often butt heads over everything but their relationship develops romantically. 
Catch the final episodes this weekend on

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