9-Members New Boy Group 'YOUNITE' Drops Debut EP 'YOUNI-BIRTH'

Sunday, April 24, 2022

YOUNITE released their debut EP, YOUNI-BIRTH with a total of six tracks. Ahead of their debut, YOUNITE released a pre-debut music video for their hip-hop dance track, “EVERYBODY” featuring DJ Juice in order to introduce themselves to their future fans. In February 2022, YOUNITE released prologue videos depicting each member’s universe story, and gained high attention from K-Pop fans around the world. The group’s slogan of ‘WE ARE CONNECTED’ emphasizes their strong connection with their fans with whom they hope to share countless memories.
The concept of YOUNI-BIRTH is a project that focuses on introducing YOUNITE through a universe-themed storyline. The tracks from the YOUNI-BIRTH features various producers, including BOOMBASTIC, OUOW, LISH, nomad, and On the Road. One of the group’s members, DEY, was also involved in writing the lyrics and all of the raps on the tracks. Their main title track is “1 of 9”, a nu-disco pop song with an accompanying music video that highlights each member individually so that their fans can select their personal bias.

Watch YOUNITE's Main Title Track '1 of 9':

Watch YOUNITE Pre-Debut MV 'Everybody' Feat DJ Juice:

YOUNITE, a new boy group from BRANDNEW MUSIC, is composed of nine members: EUNHO, STEVE, HYUNSEUNG, EUNSANG, HYUNGSEOK, WOONO, DEY, KYUNGMUN, and SION. Their group name is a combination of the words “You” and “Unite”, which is a symbolic promise that the group will create synergy with their fans and always be one with them. Several of the members are from audition programs, such as Produce 101 and High School Rapper. Their unique visuals and universe-themed storyline also aligns with the solar system, and correlates with their characteristics, position, and role in the group. This aspect also plays into the universal connection between fans and each other, as well as highlighting their individuality.

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