LIGHTSUM, 8-Member Girl Group Shows Girl-Crush Charms in Debut Single 'Vanilla'

Thursday, June 10, 2021

LIGHTSUM, CUBE Entertainment's brand new eight-member girl group drops debut single 'Vanilla' today. The team consists of leader JUHYEON, followed by members CHOWON, NAYOUNG, YUJEONG, SANGAH, HINA, HUIYEON and JIAN. Each member equipped with strong vocals and fresh visuals that will capture your attention. 



LIGHTSUM has been gaining recognition prior to their debut as few members was former Producer 48 and The Unit contestants - namely CHOWON, NAYOUNG, YUJEONG and JUHYEON. Their outstanding skills and personalities have impressed all, which make fans eager for their debut. 


"We're very grateful for the attention received from the audiences who remember us through the audition program. We're also happy to show you how much we've improved since then," said JUHYEON. 


HUIYEON added, "Thank you so much for the love and support even before our debut. I wasn’t expecting it at all. Even though our fans are abroad, we will communicate with our global fans as if we are right next to each other."

The meaning of LIGHTSUM is a combination of bright LIGHTs that come together as one SUM in order to reach everyone across the world. The group hopes to convey positive energy to everyone through the message of hope. Rather than following conventional concepts, LIGHTSUM also aims to show their broad spectrum with crossovers of diverse music and styles.


'Vanilla' is a pop dance track produced by British composer J. Littlewood and composed by Steven Lee, the songwriter behind Oh My Girl's 'Secret Garden' and 'Non Stop''; also by, Swedish singer-songwriter Caroline Gustavsson who produced Girl's Generation, GFRIEND and AOA tracks.

Check out the vibrant and colourful 'Vanilla' Music Video: 

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