#BTSMeal: Be inspired by ARMY this World Environment Day

Friday, June 04, 2021

This year's World Environment Day is themed around Ecosystem Restoration - the process of preventing, halting, and reversing the damage we have done collectively on our planet's ecosystems. Restoration and other natural solutions can deliver one third of the mitigation needed by 2030 to keep global warming below 2°C while also helping societies and economies adapt to climate change. Reclaiming forest and swamp land is a large part of this battle, which can be helped by reducing the amount of rubbish that goes into our landfills.

TikTok, the leading destination for short-form mobile videos, saw user FYPs flooded with #BTSMeal videos following the launch of the collaboration between McDonald's and superstar group, BTS. The hashtag, which has been used 359.2M times to date, has been populated with a slew of user content celebrating their meal experience and finding creative ways to preserve the iconic packaging. 

Ahead of World Environment Day 2021, we have highlighted some of the best projects that crossed our feeds, to inspire you to upcycle, reduce waste and promote ecosystem restoration - just like the theme for this year's campaign.

1. Customised Tumblers
When you're grabbing your morning coffee drinks or a caramel macchiato from your favourite cafe, be sure to bring along a reusable cup to reduce the amount of single use containers. 

TikTok user @Arizaaaaa went the extra mile by customising a tumbler with her BTS meal cup packaging, for a fandom piece she could reuse for many, many drinks to come.

2. Customised Phone Cases 
TikTok user @adwulan made a piece that the world could see, by upcycling her own unique phone case using her BTS Meal packaging – no need to buy new! 

Is there any doubt that she is a loud and proud ARMY? Not at all. Does this project sidestep, right left to reduce packaging waste in landfills? Absolutely. 

3. Decorative Cut-outs
TikTok user @hisyamabidin took to the platform to show his creativity by cutting out little sections of the packaging to use as decorative patches. He added them to his phone case, but these would look good anywhere! Notebooks, laptops...The possibilities are endless. 

You can do the same with old magazines, brochures, or newspapers. Get creative and give your old materials a new lease of life! 

4. Upcycled Key-Chains
We end up with many items holding our precious memories, whether movie tickets or doodles from friends, that often end up getting lost or thrown away. Upcycle and preserve those memories in a little DIY project! 

TikTok user @TashJannCreations went the extra mile to immortalise the limited-edition nugget sauce-lid packaging that came with the collaboration. These laminated key rings are perfect for showing love to your IDOLs and keeping extra waste out of landfills. Win-win! 

5. Creative Collages
TikTok user @Aina created an ultimate collage with her packaging, creating a piece of art she could admire for ages to come. This is a great way to add some colour to your walls and can be replicated with any materials that have an interesting print or texture, such as old clothes or bags. Customized work-from-home spaces? We dig it. 

Celebrate World Environment Day and get inspired by more upcycling hacks like these when you download or open the TikTok app today. Whether you are a nature-lover, a dedicated ARMY, or someone who just loves DIY projects, there are ways for everyone to show some love to mother earth and make peace with nature. 

TikTok is available for free on iOS and Android via the Apple Store, Google Play Store and Huawei AppGallery.

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