[EXCLUSIVE] WEi Drops 2nd Mini Album "IDENTITY: Challenge" + Sent Message to Fans in Malaysia and Singapore

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Rising KPOP boyband WEi is set to make their first comeback on 24 February with second mini album "IDENTITY: Challenge". The mini album features five tracks, some of which were produced and co-composed by the members. The title track "All or Nothing" is produced by leader JANG DAE HYEON while members KANG SEOK HWA and KIM DONG HAN taking part in lyric writing. KIM JUN SEO however, participated in writing lyrics for side-track "Diffuser". 

Ahead of their comeback, we caught up with WEi to talk about their new album. "The debut album showcased our diverse images in two different ways, but this album we have a specific concept that we would like to challenge on and through this we hope to show public a confident and masculine image of WEi."


When being asked who's the most different from their first impression. Most member answered JANG DAE HYEON as he gave a cold impression at first but as you get to know him you'll know that he's actually very kind and cute. KIM JUN SEO added "JANG DAE HYEON not only has the charisma but also has a cute personality." Leader JANG DAE HYEON however picked KANG SEOK HWA as the most different from first impression, "he's more mature than I thought of."

Asked about which artist they would like to collaborate with, YOO YONG HA said MONSTA X, while KIM DONG HAN and KIM JUN SEO commented BTS. KANG SEOK HWA added "I would like to try different music genres and hope to collaborate with Ariana Grande." KIM YO HAN said "Any artists would be an honour to us to collaborate with." JANG DAE HYEON however said he wish to create WEi's own music.

Message to fans in Malaysia and Singapore:

JANG DAE HYEON: Thank you so much for supporting us and thanks for having our backs. Hope the situation gets better and we'll be able to come and meet RUi soon. Love you lots.

KIM DONG HAN: Hope the situation gets better and we'll be able to come and meet soon after!!

YOO YONG HA: Hope to meet Malaysian RUi in 2021, together to create precious memories. 

KIM YO HAN: We'll work hard to get closer with RUi. 

KANG SEOK HWA: Malaysian and Singaporean RUi, thank you for always loving and supporting us. We'll be the source of your energy!

KIM JUN SEO: Malaysian and Singaporen RUi!! We really hope to greet you personally but as currently is kinda difficult so please wait a little more. Love you lots!

Check out WEi's Greetings:

Coordinated by Will Kim / MAXPERIENCE (MPE)

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