8 Korean Movies With No Romance But So Much More To Love

Monday, February 15, 2021

Looking for an exciting movie to watch, but not big on romance? We’ve got you covered with these entertaining Korean movies that focus more on non-romantic stories. From space adventures to serial killers, there’s plenty of content to enjoy sans romance. Check out some thrilling options here.

Space Sweepers

If you’re seeking action and adventure, Space Sweepers is just right for you! Four misfits aboard a spaceship collect space debris to make ends meet in 2092. One day, they come across a highly dangerous and sought after humanoid. Eager to benefit monetarily, the space sweepers decide to make a trade. However, they unearth some massive secrets in the process.

Steel Rain

The division of the Korean Peninsula makes for unique storytelling opportunities and Steel Rain is no exception. North Korean agent Eom Chul-woo (Jung Woo-sung) escapes a coup taking the country’s injured leader to South Korea in an attempt to keep him alive. He ends up working with South Korean senior presidential secretary Kwak Chul-woo (Kwak Do-Won) as they try to prevent a Korean war. The action thriller provides an interesting look at the layered tensions between the two Koreas.

Time to Hunt

Time to Hunt tells the story of outlaw friends who plot a money heist in order to escape their miserable prospects in their dystopian world. Before they are able to flee to paradise, a vicious killer is hired to hunt them down. A gripping cat-and-mouse chase ensues as the cruel assassin instills terror in the robbers. It’s an engaging watch for lovers of crime and heist films.

Svaha: The Sixth Finger

Svaha: The Sixth Finger follows the story of pastor Park (Lee Jung-jae) who makes a profit off of investigating corruption by religious cults. He comes across a new group with mysterious origins. With help from his Buddhist monk friend and others, Park uncovers startling discoveries about the new religious group. Incorporating some thriller and horror elements, the film exposes how people manipulate religion. You’ll be left contemplating philosophical questions and surprised by unexpected twists.


Psychokinesis is unlike any superhero movie you have seen thus far. A father who walked out on his family several years ago suddenly gains telekinetic superpowers after drinking water tainted by a meteor. He later attempts to help out his estranged daughter who is involved in a real estate battle with a large construction company. While there is a tiny dash of romance, the heart of the movie lies within the father and daughter’s relationship.


#ALIVE is a riveting and surprisingly relatable zombie flick. Oh Jun-u (Yoo Ah-in) is locked up inside his apartment as a mysterious zombie outbreak rampages the city. He encounters his neighbor Kim Yu-bin (Park Shin-hye) who lives in the building across from him and they help each other. Together they desperately seek a way out and try to stay alive.

The Host

The Host is a monster film featuring a mutant creature that is the product of illegal toxic chemical dumping. When the monster captures a girl, her family members race to save her. Her father, grandfather, aunt, and uncle face many obstacles but they don’t give up on trying to protect her from the dangerous creature. Blending action, adventure, and political commentary, The Host will get you emotionally invested in the story.

The Call

The Call starts out with Seo-yeon (Park Shin-hye) moving into an old family home and getting a call from Young-sook (Jun Jong-seo). The two are connected by phone in the same home but are living 20 years apart. The calls transform into an intense fight for survival as serial killer Young-sook tries to manipulate her own fate at Seo-yeon’s expense. A terrifying take on the time travel genre, The Call showcases suspenseful twists and turns. Which movies will you be hitting up next? Check out all of these movies, and more, on Netflix!

Image Courtesy of Netflix

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