Celebrate Chinese New Year the Korean Way!

Monday, January 25, 2021

Seollal or the Korean Lunar New Year is the most celebrated holiday in Korea. It follows the Lunar schedule and it's celebrated in similar ways to the Chinese New Year. Most people travel back home to visit their relatives, spend time with their family members and to pay respect to their ancestors and feast. It was also believed that celebrating the Lunar New Year would attract good luck and chase the bad and evil spirits away. Although both festivals share similarities but when comes to food, these are the differences: 

i. Tteokguk (Rice Cake Soup)

photo credit: Koreanbapsang

Tteokguk carries special significance during Seollal. It represents health and symbolise rich and prosperity. By having Tteokguk also means growing another year older and have a new beginning for the New Year. Since it's hard to find Tteokguk in Malaysia, you can always replace with Tteokbokki (the spicy rice cake): https://shp.ee/6fyvcgj

ii, Japchae (Glass Noodle)

photo credit: Serious Eats

Japchae is made with glass noodles and various vegetables. It's one of the most iconic Korean food that often served as a side dish or mixed with a main dish. You will rarely see a Seollal table without japchae on it. If you're a Korean food maniac, you definitely familiar it: https://shp.ee/f97w2nt

iii. Jeon (Pancake)

photo credit: CJ - CheilJeDang

It's a traditional must-eat New Year dish in Korea. There are many types of Jeon but during Seollal, these are the popular ones that you should try - Kimchi Jeon, Saengseon Jeon (seafood pancake), and Hobak Jeon (Pan fried Zucchini). 

Make your Chinese New Year celebration a little different this year by having traditional Korean foods. Catch the K-wave in the culinary form! Search HERE for more K-foods options and you may check out with below Shopee's voucher codes to receive a discount on your purchase.

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Happy Shopping!

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