CIX Drops 2nd Mini Album 'HELLO Chapter 2. Hello, Strange Place'

Friday, November 22, 2019

Rookie boy group CIX made their first comeback with 2nd mini album titled "HELLO Chapter 2. Hello, Strange Place". This mini album is a follow up to HELLO Chapter 1: Hello Strange" released back in July. 
Hip hop dance track "Numb" conveys a message of telling teenagers not to give up and keep going. The title track addresses the struggle of this generation teenagers who being forced to stay quiet in unfair situation and growing "numb" after losing their dreams.

Watch "Numb" Music Video:
Before releasing the mini album, CIX released a five episodes 'Hello, Strange Place' short film - "Butterfly Effect", "Bystander", "Self Slaughter", "Abrupt Absense" and "Broken Family". Each episode featured the members as the main cast, including dark contents of bullying, violence, isolation and death. The complete story however was released after the individual clips. 

CIX's 'Hello, Strange Place' Story Film (Edited Ver.):

CIX will continue to tell the story through a special epilogue video which is set to release on 4 December. 

HELLO Chapter 2. Hello, Strange Place Track List:
CIX's 2nd Mini Album "HELLO Chapter 2. Hello, Strange Place"
1. Black Out
2. Numb
3. Rewind
4. Bystander
5. Maybe I

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