Brand New Music Releases New Project Group, Boys Da Capo (BDC)

Monday, November 04, 2019

Boys Da Capo (BDC), Brand New Music's newest unit group has unveiled their special single debut album 'BOYS DA CAPO', containing title track 'Remember Me' and 'Da Capo', both composed and written by OUOW.

'Remember Me' MV:
BDC also known as 'Boys Da Capo' which means 'boys starting from the beginning'. The unit is made up of leader Kim Si Hun, main vocal Hong Seung Jun and maknae Yun Jung Hwan who have also participated in Mnet's survival reality show 'Produce X 101. 
'Remember Me' has a soft melody and beautiful lyrics that matches the fall season, it contains the message to remember the shinning image of BDC forever, said Si Hun during an interview. 'Da Capo', however contains the group's messages towards the fans. "Even after returning to trainees after the survival program and despite the difficulty of not knowing how long it will take to debut, we can be strong as long as the fans are there for us, said Jung Hwan
The trio has began a web reality show, 'Boys Don't Cry' that shows their preparations for the single and greetings fans through busking events and more. 

BDC's web reality show 'Boys Don't Cry' Ep 1: 

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