DreamNote Officially Made Their Dreamlike Debut in Asia

Monday, December 03, 2018

iMe Korea is proud to present their first KPOP girl group, DreamNote which the group name comes to have the meaning of "always sharing their dreams with fans". DreamNote consists of 8 members - YOUI, BoNi, Lara, MISO, Sumin, Eunjo, HaBin and HanByeol. Members Sumin and HanByeol are already well-known to public as they previously participated in survival program "Mix Nine" and Sumin was one of the top 9 finalists in the female team. 
DreamNote officially debut on 7 November and started their promotion with title song "Dream Note", which the song is included in their first mini album "Dreamlike". The retro, upbeat pop song portrays DreamNote bright and fresh image. Their outstanding beauty and exceptional performance, however, showcase their unique 'Teengle' (Teen+Beagle-like beauty) style. 

Dream Note Music Video:
Since debut, DreamNote has gained a lot of attention and received a lot of praise from the public due to their unlimited talents and potentials. After 1 week of their debut, DreamNote has charted 24th place of the girl group brand values. 

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