Red Velvet successfully held their 2nd concert 'RED MARE' in Singapore

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The 5 girls of Red Velvet (Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Yeri and Joy) brought the house down with their very first solo concert in Singapore; RedMare on the 20th October 2018 at The Star Theatre. The concept of the concert was showcasing the journey of the girls being captured by a robot, and what ensues until they manage to return to reality. Fun fact shared by the members – the robot is named Reve, and was bestowed the name by Yeri, while Seulgi was the one who sketched the design of Reve prior to the concert. The transition from light-hearted to sexy chic was definitely unexpected, and they managed to keep Reveluvs on the edge of their seats throughout the 2 hour show!

Red Velvet performed a mix of songs, from hit tracks such as ‘Russian Roulette’, ‘Power Up’ and ‘Bad Boy’, to all-time favourites such as ‘Happiness’ and ‘Ice Cream Cake’! As they swapped outfits from cute animal-themed dresses for ‘Mr. E’, to the silver-and-black ensembles for ‘Peekaboo’, so did their entire aura. Even the stage backdrop changed from fun and quirky, to a white-and-red themed backdrop that followed through with the horror concept for the last set of the concert. The dynamic stages prove yet again why these girls are on their way to becoming one of the current top girl groups in the industry.
As Reveluvs kept interacting with Red Velvet from the audience seats, the members were sharing that the atmosphere felt more like that a fan-meet than a concert due to the comfortable setting. During ‘Red Flavour’, the members actually removed their in-ear headsets and were dancing along to the fans’ singing! Even during the choreography teaching session for the key choreographies in ‘Power Up’, the girls were pleasantly surprised when fans could dance along with no problem whilst singing along! Talk about fan dedication to be able to surprise the artistes themselves!

One of the highlights of the concert would definitely be the unveiling of the ‘official’ name of the Red Velvet lightstick! According to the members, the lightstick is fondly known as ‘Kim-Man-Bong’, which actually means Kimchi-Mandu-Bong! The name came about because the top of the lightstick resembles a kimchi dumpling, and that’s how the moniker was coined! The sea of Kim-Man-Bongs was definitely a sight to behold, and it was easy to see how much Red Velvet loves their fans.
Native-English speaker Wendy got so confused halfway when switching between Korean and English, that she startled the audience by going, ‘Why am I speaking in Korean!!’ during the ending ment.
Even when they were down by one member, Irene, Seulgi, Wendy and Yeri continued to dominate the stage and were wrapped up the concert successfully! Joy had to be rushed to the hospital for medical assistance due to an injury that was aggravated during the first half of the concert, here’s wishing her a speedy recovery!
Good news for Singapore Reveluvs, the girls are hoping to come back to our sunny island again, and that they’ll be able to showcase their talents as a full team the next time round! We’ll definitely be looking forward to more performances from the talented girls of Red Velvet!

We would like to thank ONE Production for extending the invitation to us.

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