D-6 Zone P & Zone S of K-WAVE 3 Music Festival Officially Sold Out!

Monday, August 06, 2018

MacpiePro announces that two zones of K-Wave 3 Music Festival has officially sold out but Rock Zone and Long TV Zone M are still available to purchase.
FT Island
Organised by MacpiePro and co-organised by MSR, K-WAVE 3 Music Festival Brought To You by Macalls will return after 7 months with 7 K-POP groups - FT Island, EXID, MONSTA X, AOA, Jeong Sewoon, WJSN and BOYFRIEND. The groups is set to hit Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam on 18th August for a 2-hrs long performances.
The festival comes with Entry Package which includes concert ticket, processing fee and Mcalls Y33 SIM pack exclusively for K-POP fans who aged between 15-17 years old. Within a week of the ticket sales, the Entry Package priced at RM34 has officially sold out. Followed by the sold out news of the entry package, other zones such as Ecolite Zone P (L) & Zone S (L), Dutch Lady Zone P (R) & Zone S (R) has officially sold out as well.
Although many zones have sold out but, fret not, as Rock Zone and Long TV Zone M still have limited seats available for purchase. Check out the available entry packages at www.mcalls.asia/kwave3.

K-WAVE 3 Music Festival Brought To You By Mcalls Details
Date: 18 August (Saturday)
Time: 8PM
Venue: Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam, Selangor

Entry Package Prices (Inclusive of Concert Ticket + RM4 Processing Fee + Mcalls Y33 SIM Pack worth RM30)

Free Standing: 
• RM478 (Rock Zone) (LIMITED)

Numbered Seating: 
• RM498 (Long TV Zone M) (LIMITED SEATING)
• RM398 (Mbooster Zone C)
• RM368 (Ecolite Zone Q (L), Dutch Lady Zone Q (R)
• RM298 (JBL Zone A)
• RM208 (Schwarzkopf Professional Zone L)
• RM168 (Ecolite Zone P (L), Dutch Lady Zone P (R)) (SOLD OUT)
• RM98 (Ecolite Zone S (L), Dutch Lady Zone S (R)) (SOLD OUT)
• RM34 (Alpha Youth Package – Zone S (Aged 15-17, born in year 2001-2003)) (SOLD OUT)

For more info of K-WAVE 3 Music Festival Brought to you by Mcalls, check out Macpie Pro Facebook Page @MacpiePro or the official website www.macpiepro.com.

Greetings from BOYFRIEND:

Greetings from WJSN:

Greetings from AOA:

Greetings from EXID:

Greetings from FT ISLAND:

Greetings from Jeong Se-woon:

Greetings from MONSTA X:

Video & Photo credit: Maciepro

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